Honor Golden Retrievers are bred for health, temperament, family pets
and service to the community as well as being known for their exceptional
beauty. Solid temperaments are a must for any dog joining a family and even
greater necessity for services our dogs perform in therapy work. Since many
of the parents of litters are also Champions or dogs that have been in
American Kennel Club show competition, their beauty is an added bonus.

Each breeding is planned with great care in the combination of genes
with the design that the litter will improve even more on the next
generation. Over the years, concern and studies have been done to improve on
health as the environment around us becomes more polluted and affects
people's health as well. Prevention is the overriding word in the care and
raising of each dog. Gene make-up of each parent is carefully and
painstakingly studied to enhance and improve on each subsequent generations
health. Our pedigrees represent what we feel are some of the strongest health
clearances in the nation (1O and more generations). Our pedigree (family
tree) and parent combinations are a consideration of each parent and
grandparents own littermates. That means that a very high average of
clearances in littermates will ensure an even stronger health and temperament
outcome of a puppy. The final health status and longevity of a dog
(internally and externally) will be from the method and care of raising the
dog. We supply a great amount of printed materials, packets and assistance to
direct owners in this regard.

Honor Goldens brings to the table over 41 years of knowledge,
experience and phenomenal breeding success. Ann Chase-Stokes started breeding
Goldens after extensive training in hunting and obedience. She had
professionally trained horses (hunt seat and hunter/jumpers) for many years
and then showed Collies, GSD'S, Labradors, Brittany Spaniels and other breeds
before getting her first golden. She ran Field Trials and Working Certificate
tests with much success in early years and most Honor goldens had multiple
titles at both ends of their registered names. The last known Dual Champion
in the breed was "Hondo" -
Amateur Field Trial Champion and Bench
Champion and GRCA Honorary Dual Champion Honor's Dorado of Spindrift, Golden
Retriever Club of America Field Dog Hall of fame and GRCA Outstanding Sire.

His owner was a first time Golden owner in Illinois, who did all his own
training. "Hondo's" mother was
Champion Honor's Chances Are C.D.,O.D. who
came from an entire line of field trial and hunting Goldens originating in

While her children were still young, Ann owned and ran a highly
successful all-breed dog obedience training school for 16 years. Later, when
transferred to Washington, D.C., she conducted a private obedience training
enterprise. Although Ann later had clients on the Monterey peninsula such as
Paul Anka, Earth Wind and Fire, the Monkey's and others, her most famous dog
owners were
President Gerald and Mrs. Ford. The Ford's daughter Susan had
purchased an 8-month-old female from Ann as a surprise for her parents. This
dog was the famous
"Liberty" (Honor's Foxfire Liberty Hume). Another
outstanding dog sired "Liberty":
Champion Honor's Let 'Em Have It!
(half brother to "Hondo"). Mrs. Ford had obedience lessons
in the private family quarters and the President in the Oval Office. Daily
visits were made to the White House to obedience train their new golden for
several months. 

In the early 1960's, Ann worked with Vern Bower (now deceased) and Dr.
Jerry Owens who founded the GRC hip council, which is now known as the
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. She was the cofounder of the Minnesota-Dakota Golden Retriever Club and served in many capacities in that club and the Golden Retriever Club of America, (Nominating Committee head, OFA newspaper correspondent GRCA club column correspondent, editor of the state breed club magazine, etc.) Later Mrs. Stokes' volunteer work branched into therapy work and appearances with her trained goldens for physically and mentally challenged hospital
residents, handicapped children's schools, retirement homes and special Ed
programs. Always supportive of this work, President and Mrs. Ford visited Ann
and her trained 4-H Drill Team on the Monterey Peninsula after their move to
the West coast, and were an encouragement to many of the handicapped

Long before its time of acceptance, Ann Chase-Stokes organized and
chaired the first national
Pet Facilitated Therapy Conference in the
1970s, bringing speakers in from other parts of the country. This modality of
trained therapy dogs and hearing dogs grew quickly. She was instrumental in
the passing of the bill in California (now nationwide) which grants to
hearing dogs the same public access as guide dogs for the blind. 

Paige Chase McBride, born into the dog profession, was one of the
youngest children (1O years) to gain a Companion Dog obedience degree from
the American Kennel Club. Her dog
Honor's Memories Are Made of Bash C.D., was entirely trained (without her mother's help!) by Paige. She later was showing in adult competition gaining points in the conformation ring before she was old enough to show in Junior Showmanship. As a Junior handier, she won Winner's Dog at one of the largest
west coast
Norcal Golden Retriever Club Specialty's with her homebred
"Joey" -
Champion Honor's Up T' No Good, and finished him Breeder/Owner
handled exclusively. Over the years, Paige has finished countless
championships and has shown many breeds such as Gordon Setters, English
Setters, Pembroke Welsh Corgi's, Labradors, etc. along with piloting many of
the Honor goldens to their titles. Paige brings vast knowledge and experience
to the birthing, raising, care and training of the Honor puppies.


Having bred more than
200 American Kennel Club Champions of
record, Honor has also produced to date,
several hundred obedience titles
and countless
field degrees and titles, Best in Show honors, sporting group winners, Show Dog Hall of Fame Winners and more Outstanding Sires and Dams than any other
Golden breeder in the
USA. 1994 and 1998 were banner years in producing
more Champions than any other Golden breeder, making Honor the
Number One
producer of Champions in America. The "frosting on the cake" was that each of
those many competition dogs was also either the owners first golden or
handled by an amateur, and was indeed that family's bed partner and pet. None
were "kennel" dogs kept amongst many numbers of dogs. All this while breeding
only 4 to 6 litters a year, far less than most breeders amongst the nations
top producers. 

An Honor Golden brings to his new home, a beautiful, well-rounded and
balanced dog. Each pet is capable of sympathetic therapy work, comforting a
child with an illness, courageous rescue on ski slopes or earthquake
disasters and alerting deaf people as hearing dogs. But first and foremost,
these Goldens have the depth and soul of a loving and devoted family member.
With all of these attributes, the breeders at Honor are adamant about giving
all the
GLORY TO GOD for their years of success.

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