Joshua 24:15 
"As For Me And My House, We Will Serve The Lord"  



reside in the lush, green
countryside of North Carolina, halfway between the
Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.


Fenced half acre play areas are thick with cypress, oak, pine and willow tree - native to the area.  Monkey grass grows year round and frames the sidewalks coming into the property.  This is not your typical "kennel" with dogs confined in cement, chain link runs!  Honor's philosophy is to have an open country environment with exercise areas and manicured lawns as play areas for puppies to grow and romp. Each puppy and each adult is considered a family member and placement of each Golden is with homes of the same attention and devotion.

How the puppies are raised and their socialization with people and events has produced well-adjusted puppies for which Honor has become legendary. Laura and Sara, two Pygmy goat pets are special assistants in between playing with Wyatt on his climbing equipment.

 Honor Goldens has been consistently ranked among the top 5
producers of Champions in the
USA as well as #1 in 1994and 1998.
We firmly believe in quality, not quantity. EVERY puppy we produce comes from long lines of champions and top producers with strong clearances and the loving, solid, sweet temperment that marks the ideal Golden Retriever. We help our owners prepare to raise a wonderful, robust, healthy and long lived pet. We don't believe Goldens should be kennel dogs and the few
we keep are our home pets. We do not sell to kennels and feel
emphatically that Goldens need to be an intricate part of the
home and a member of the family.

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